Shirley Harris (Chairperson)
Alan McKinnon
Athol McCully
John Wiley
Shirley Harris
Athol McCully
Alan McKinnon
Sarita McLean
Kim Moss
John Wiley
Diane Peterson
Geoff Bailey
Malcolm Rickerby
In 1990 the then World President of Rotary International, Paulo V.C. Costa of Brazil, made an urgent call to Rotarians to “take up” global environmental action, and inaugurated Rotary’s “Preserve Planet Earth” Programme.  Four areas of concern were focused on in the seminars at the first international conference – air, flora, fauna and water.
The Southern Environmental Trust was formed in 1995 by the Rotary Club of Christchurch South on behalf of Rotary District 9970 to raise awareness within the community on environmental issues by holding annual public seminars.  This followed four lectures organised by the Rotary Club of Christchurch South. 
  • To promote public awareness of environmental matters pertaining to land, air, and water in their natural, adapted or artificial state.
  • To promote use, development, protection, research and public interest in managing the use, development and protection of natural and physical resources in a way, or at a rate which enables people and communities to provide for their social, economic and cultural wellbeing and for their health and safety including sustaining the potential of natural physical and resources to meet the needs of future generations. 
  • To encourage a public awareness of and commitment to care and consideration for the environment.
  • To encourage special interest groups to listen to and respect each others’ views.
  • To enable the public to be better informed about issues affecting their environment.
  • To stress suitable occupancy and use of the environment.
  • To facilitate study and research for the better understanding of issues.