To fulfill its educational objectives, the Southern Environmental Trust has run annual, free public forums on topics of general environmental interest. Below is a list of the forums the Trust has organised since its inception:


"Climate Change and Us"
Bill Bayfield from Environment Canterbury
Adrian McDonald from University of Canterbury
Prof Emeritus Andy Sturman from University of Canterbury
Dr Helen Rouse from NIWA
About 150 people attended this forum held in the Salvation Army  auditorium on Wednesday 8th May


"Pathways to Swimmable Rivers"
John Quinn from NIWA 
Tim Davies from Ecan
Doug Rankin from Whitewater NZ
Melissa Robson from Landcare Research
About 150 people attended this event held at the Salvation Army Auditorium on Wednesday 18th October.
View the videos of the presentations (courtesy Environment Canterbury).


"Caring for Our Urban Waterways"
Mike Bourke, Planning Engineer, Christchurch City Council
Carl Hanson, Groundwater Science Manager, Environment Canterbury
Dr Belinda Margetts, Freshwater Ecologist, Christchurch City Council
Arapat Reuben, Chair Christchurch - West Melton Zone Committee
About 150 people attended this event held at Knox Church on 16 March, 2016
View the videos of the presentations (courtesy Environment Canterbury).


"Canterbury Water - Are We Doing Enough?"
Ken Hughey, Lincoln University
Pat McEvedy, Selwyn District Concillor
Claire Mackay, North Canterbury Farmer and Zone Committee Member
Jay Graybill, Fish and Game Council


"Sustainable Water Use"
Professor Ali Memon, Lincoln University
Hon David Caygill, ECan Commissioner
Dr Henry Hudson, Consulting Scientist
Roger Young, Water Rights Trust


"The Resource Management Act - Progress or Procrastination?"
Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment
Peter Skelton, Honorary Professor, Lincoln University
Mark Christensen, Partner Anderson Lloyd, Lawyers
Bob Batty, Principal Consultant, Planit Associates


"Changing Climates - Hot Topic for Canterbury "
Hon David Parker, Minister responsible for Climate Change Issues
Dr David Wratt, General Manager, NIWA
Peter Townsend, CEO Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce



 "Smart Growth for Greater Christchurch Urban Development"
Ken Tremaine, Urban Planning Expert
Ray Davy, Conway Davy Ltd Wayne McDonald, Transit NZ
Vanessa Harvey, International Strategic Planner


"Water for All?"
Hon. Jim Anderton, MP, general Government policy on water
Sir Kerry Burke, Chairman, ECan - requirements: human use/quality of water
Josh Carmody, Australian water allocation expert
Tom Lambie, President, Federated Farmers - Opuha dam experience & irrigation


"Disaster - Are We Ready?"
Tony Boyle, ECAN Rivers & Hazards Manager
Bob Kirk, Professor, University of Canterbury
Steve Christensen, Beca Geotechnical expert on liquefaction
Jarg Pettinga, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury, Geological Sciences
Peter Kingsbury, ECAN Hazards Analyst


"Have we got the energy to cope?"
Hon Pete Hodgson, Energy Minister
Dr Keith Turner, CEO, Meridian Energy
Dr Don Elder, CEO, Solid Energy New Zealand
Barrie Hill, Australian Nuclear Energy expert
2002       "Global Warming: Meltdown for Canterbury?" - Peter Griffiths, Hon Pete Hodgson, Dr Frank Wood
2001       "Want, Not Waste" - Ket Bradshaw, John Webber, Dr Andrew Dakers, Dr Mark Milke, Cr Cross Little, Simon Collin, Molly Anderson
2000       "The Estuary: Christchurch's Showpiece or Sump?" - Liz Briggs, David Gregory, Dr Martin Single, Dr Diane Menzies, Peter Yoeman, Roger Lusby
1999       "Wise Water Use: The Issues Are Not Crystal Clear" - Michael Dicker, Alan Watson, Garry Moore, Richardson, Dr Robin Mann, Alison Undorf-Lay, Joe Bennett
1998       "Can we afford to breathe easy?" - Derel Anderson, Dr Neil CHerry, Dr Morgan Fahey, Brent Francis, Steve Gurney, Brenda Lowe, Dr Ian Town
1997       "Controlling the Christchurch Smog" - Dr neil Cherry, Robert Bishop, Terry Moody, Brenda Lowe, John Robson
1996       "Trade's impact on our environment" - Hon Philip Burdon
1995       Launch of Southern Environmental Trust - Sir Edmund Hillary
1994       "The setting-up of Christchurch's first community composting facility at Bexley" - Murray Binnie
1993       "Human Perception and Ecological Awareness" - Dr Mike Freeman
1992       "The availability and quality of water in Canterbury" - Dr Mike Freeman
1991       "The hole in the ozone layer" - Professor Leon Philips