Posted by David Coster on Jun 07, 2017
After a chance meeting of the Richmond and Cashmere Rotary Clubs earlier in the year, it was agreed the clubs should join together to assist the people from the Kaikoura area post-earthquake...
The visit for the Cashmere team was scheduled for the weekend 29 April to 1 May and nine members were available to attend.
Five families were contacted and a range of services were carried out:
  • Gardening and general tidying up of properties; most of which hadn’t been touched since the earthquake
  • Wood cutting, Splitting and stacking
  • House Maintenance
  • Child Minding
  • Filling in an old lily pond for a family with a little toddler
  • Assisting a farmer with stock work
  • Also Cashmere members prepared baking which was gratefully received by the families visited.
The most important aspect of the visit was just listening to, talking with, and sharing experiences with the families. The families the club assisted were most appreciative and many e-mails have been received expressing thanks for the team’s efforts.
While in the area, the team stayed in a log chalet in Mt Lyford Village and dined at the Lodge. Very little cooking was done by the team, as most were too exhausted after a hard day’s work. The club is scheduled to return to the area in the spring.