Posted by Paul Biddington on Oct 18, 2018
The 40th anniversary of the establishment of Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre by Rotary was recently celebrated, with a dinner at Rangiora and celebrations continuing over the weekend at Boyle River.
The gathering included many past and present members of the Belfast, Kaiapoi and Rangiora Rotary Clubs which instigated the formation of the centre - with most of the members of the day involved in the building of the centre. The anniversary also included presentation of the inaugural Peter Allen Award.
The contribution of the late Peter Allen, who was a member of the Rangiora Rotary Club and very involved in the outdoor centre, was marked with the presentation of an award for service in his name. The award was presented to Arthur & Robyn Sutherland and their sons Guy and Myles by Peter's wife Helen.
Arthur and his family's involvement with the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre and the North Canterbury Alpine Trust began in 1975. Arthur represented Kaiapoi High School on the Trust between 1986 through to 2008. During this time, he was Trust Chair from 1988 until 1993 and then Secretary/ Treasurer of the Trust from 1994  to the present day.

Robyn also made an extensive contribution in multiple roles such as marketing, liaison, funding, payroll, secondary school principals interviewing plus working alongside Arthur on various courses and programmes.

Guy Sutherland also  had a long and valuable involvement with events and projects at the Boyle including the organisation and running of the Roncalli Boyle Journeys and assisting with training.  Myles Sutherland has been a guardian a number of times including stints for periods of up to six weeks and he also created a number of GPS reference points for the Boyle facilities.

Paul Biddington, Boyle Trustee and Belfast-Kaiapoi Rotarian said   the Sutherland  family were owed a debt of gratitude, because without their selfless and meritorious service for the last 40 years to the Trust, the Lodge and outdoor education, would not be in the position it is today.